Hola Coco Coconut Oil Hair Mask


 Introduce Your Hair to the Ultimate Hair Mask for Dry or Damaged Hair

  • COCONUT OIL MADE EASY - Forget about the challenges of applying coconut oil, Hola Coco's easy-rinse formula means you can enjoy the benefits of natural coconut oil without the fuss
  • 20 MINUTES TO PERFECT HAIR - Hola Coco can be applied and rinsed off in just 15-20 minutes so there is no need for overnight treatment (unless you want to) and you can enjoy perfectly shiny and conditioned hair fast
  • NOURISHING AND STIMULATING - Hola Coco stimulates growth, reduces the appearance of split ends, adds shine, restores damaged hair, replenishes moisture, hydrates and leaves your hair soft, beautiful and healthy
  • SUITABLE FOR ALL HAIR TYPES - Our magic mask is ideal for women with absolutely any hair type or texture whether straight, curly, frizzy, thick, thin or with extensions
  • NO ANIMAL TESTING - We are absolutely against animal testing of any kind, and our strict policy means you can use Hola Coco in the knowledge that it has never been tested on any animals

Hola Coco has packed all the goodness of pure, natural coconut oil into a simple-to-use hair mask. It's the essential moisturising solution to enjoy all the amazing benefits of coconut oil without the fuss.

No need to leave it in overnight! Just apply our coconut oil hair treatment, leave it for 15-20 minutes, and let the mask work its magic.

Hola Coco uses a unique combination of ingredients that are proven to nourish, heal, strengthen and protect your hair. One application of the conditioning solution is all it takes to restore damaged hair with deep nourishing properties, replenish moisture, eliminate frizzy strands, and leave you with revitalised locks and intense softness.

Whatever your hair type, Hola Coco is the hair mask you've been looking for. It's the simple way to give your hair more of what it loves to leave it soft and beautiful.

Customer Reviews

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Menopause is not kind to hair but Hola Coco helps to keep it nourished and looking as good as ever.

Love this

I bought this hair mask after reading the reviews but still didn’t hold out much hope , but I was pleasantly surprised it made my hair soft bouncy and nit greasy at all I would definitely recommend


Gorgeous product and also very good value...the tub is full, huge and heavy. It makes my hair feel wonderfully soft....love it.


Coconut Oil Hair Mask

Amazing conditioner

I have used endless types of hair products and this is definitely the best conditioner I have ever used.