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I couldn't be without it!

It was my hairdresser that first pointed me in the direction of this product, sat there in the salon chair moaning about my frizz. I ordered 2 tubs onlind before I'd even left the salon😁 so excited when they arrived I used it straight away! It's amazing, honestly my go to, I use it as part of my daily styling routine and sometimes it's the only product I use! Once weekly I use it as a mask and my hair loves it😍 I also mix a few scoops with water in a spray bottle as a little pick me up. Whenever someone comments on my curls I always point them in the direction of Hola Coco, couldn't recommend it enough!!!!

Hola coco cream

I am delighted after using the hola coco cream, my hair is soft, light and with a beautiful shine.
I tried other products in the past but I never had this result.
The comb is great, it doesn't break my hair, like others combs have done
I have advised my sister's to get this cream too.

Hola Coco Coconut oil hair mask

I have really curly hair , It is very dry and knotty .....I’ve tried a lot of other brands and this one is the best.

After being without my Hola Coco for two weeks the ends of my hair had become so dry again. Arrived yesterday soaked my hair in the product over night, then washed it again this morning, added a very small amount to my towel dried hair, then my usual styling product and my hair feels great again, so much softer, not as dry and dried so much better, ill have to remember to order before I run out next time.


I love this product when you have used it and dried your hair it feels like the best feeling of where you have a hair cut and it feels really nice this is what it feels like everytime I use it! Xx

Fabulous product

My hair has never been so bouncy since I've started using this mask. My hair is naturally wavy and fine and I find it hard to get products that work for me, they either weigh it down or make it feel greasy. Hola cocunut is amazing, I let my hair air dry and its never felt so soft and bouncy. I've been using it 2 times per week leaving it in as long as possible each time.

Good stuff

My hair has always been very fine & recently has some damage at the back (breakage) I saw this stuff on facebook & decided to give it a try as it needed reviving. I have been using it almost daily ever since. Has made my hair feel lots better, looks shinier, feels smoother. Will buy again

Made my hair beautiful again.

It really is the last hair mask you will ever need....easy to use and smells lovely, I bought the bundle with comb & towel. within 30 minutes I had beautiful soft shiny hair. Before & after photo shows the difference and I will definitely continue using it.

Essential item

I found this product on Amazon last year during lockdown as my daughter’s hair had matted and was unbrushable. With no option of a hairdresser it was up to me is to sort it out. This is the best product you can buy- we have used it since and I have now signed up for repeat delivery every 3 months using the hola coco website. We both have long curly hair and we use it every time we wash our hair. I don’t use salon conditioner such as Olaplex etc anymore as this is far superior! It really is like magic and this is the reason for my review. Our hair is shiny, soft, knot free without tears and curlier than ever! Thank you!

The perfect addition to the hair mask!

I love this bamboo hair comb! I use it every time I take a shower, it's perfect to distribute the Hola Coco mask from root to the ends of the hair. Also, very easy to rinse off after! The Bamboo comb is very strong and durable, which makes it such a good investment as I know I'll use it for years and years! It's really good for styling my hair too, especially brushing off the curls after I've done my hair!

Amazing results after the first wash!

This is honestly the best hair mask. Ever since I bleached my hair, it became so dull, dry and prone to split ends - and impossible to comb through. Then I discovered the Hola Coco hair mask and it changed my life! The way my hair felt after the first wash was incredible, my hair never felt so smooth, healthy and shiny. This is the only hair mask I use right now! If you haven't tried it already, you should! A game changer 🤯

The softest hair towel, can't recommend it enough! ❤️

I've had my Hola Coco hair towel for about 3 weeks now and I don't know how I lived without it! I have very long, thick hair and I'm happy to say that the soft towel does wonders to dry my hair - the fact that it's super absorbent is ideal as I don't like to use heat to dry my hair. The towel has a button on top to help secure your hair in place, without having to worry it will fall off! I can't recommend it enough!

Amazing results

Hair felt so silly and shiny after use,smelt great too, i love this mask 👌

Perfect addition to my Hola Coco Set 🤍🥥

I have been using Hola Coco for a while now and always tied my hair up and wrapped round a headband after I apply my mask so it kept my hair protected but now I have the new Mircrofiber hair towel i no longer need to do that!

The towel looks gorgeous and is super soft to touch, it covers the whole of my head and feels like it’s giving my head a warm hug (which is great for the winter months!) it is really protective of my hair and my hair feels better since I have included the towel into my routine, it has a cute little clasp at the front so it stays in place and is machine washable.

The towel is a perfect addition to the Hola Coco hair mask and comb! 🤍

I can’t tell you how much this product has transformed my dry, frizzy and extremely thick hair - it’s amazing. I only need to wash my hair once a week and use the hair mask every time. It helps calm the frizz, and has reduced the styling/straightening time by half. As most of us this year have been unable to visit the hairdressers as often as we would like, this product has been invaluable in keeping my hair in lovely condition and no dry, fluffy ends, despite not having had it cut for months!!! Thank you Hola-Coco x

Tip top...

I have used Hola Coco before.
I like to wash my hair, towel dry my hair, use Hola Coco from root to tip and leave it in as long as possible.
I just do a "pineapple" on top of my head to sleep.
After that I do use some products especially to promote my curls.
But with the use of Hola Coco I can use a lot less.
And after diffusing my hair I just can not stop touching and smelling it...
Only do this routine once per week but that is all my (long, curly and dyed) hair needs.... <3 <3 <3

Everyone needs this in their life 💕

I so love Hola coco, it’s such an amazing hair mask, I’ve been using it for a few years now and my hair has never looked to good!
My girls are now loving it too! At this time in lockdown when we can’t get to the hairdressers I’m not worried... me and my girls hair is still looking fab and in great condition! Thanks Hola coco 💕💕💕


Best hair mask I’ve used. Leaves my hair lovely, soft & smooth. Smells lovely too!

Hair mask magic

This mask is great, it makes your hair feel so soft. Definitely recommend!

Not as I hoped

I've now used this 4 times & I'm a bit disappointed with the results. Although it makes my hair feel soft, it also leaves it a bit fluffy in texture & appearance, so I will continue using my existing conditioners that have a better result.

The material feels a little cheap for the price

Wow , Amazing !!!!

Have purchased this hair mask many times now
Couldn’t live without it !
My hair has never looked healthier. Thanks Guy’s

Yup I'm a convert!!

I've been using another well known Hair Mask so thought I would take the risk and try Hola Coconut Oil Hair Mask based on other reviews. I'm happy to report I was not disappointed. Firstly the tub is big so you're getting great value for money. I have blonde highlighted hair so can get a little dry at the ends. This is an amazing product and leaves your hair really nourished, soft but not limp. It's a real game changer. I would 100% encourage you to try it, you really won't be disappointed.

Best Conditioner Ever!!!

Im 45 with blonde highlighted hair, this is the best conditioner i have used by far... i can now get a comb through my wet hair after using, can't recommend highly enough. I have used alot of top branded conditioners in the same price bracket and this wins hands down. I won't be buying anything else going forward, just wish they did a larger range of products. Very happy customer.. 😊

Brilliant towel

Really pleased with my new hair towel. I’ve never had one before and am absolutely delighted as it really dries my hair and helps keeps the curls in shape.

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