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Top 10 Benefits of a Coconut Oil Hair Mask

The 10 Benefits of a coconut oil hair mask

It’s hard to settle on just 10 but these next 10 benefits of a coconut oil hair mask, are the ones most likely to make you wonder why you didn’t start hair masking sooner. Let’s get to this… 

  1. Intensively smooths, softens and adds shine to your hair 

Did you know your hair has cuticles? Not like your nails, but more like fish scales. When they’re smoothed the right way, your hair is glossy and full of shine. When they’re ruffled and not-feeling right, your hair is dull, tangled and rough. Cuticles make a huge difference.


Coconut oil hair masks you can use at home help to bond back your hair cuticles the right way. They turn the bed head you don’t want to the shiny hair flick that is no longer hair advert myth. When all your hair’s cuticles have become ordered and disciplined, the extra conditioning oils and butters help them stay that way, longer. 


  1. Helps relieve and treat dry, damaged hair

If you’ve ever picked up a styling iron, over used the hair spray or spent a day at the beach, you know what dry, damaged hair feels like. Bleached your hair? Then you know what extreme dry and damaged hair feels like. 


But do not fear. Your hair isn’t destined to stay this way.


Coconut oil is one of the only oils known to penetrate the hair cortex, aka it doesn’t just sit on your hairs surface. And when this happens your hair can become moisturised and repaired from the inside-out. Not like with old-school mineral oil treatments which only fake temporary shine.  


  1. Tames your tangle

When your hair gets tangled, it gets damaged. It’s a vicious cycle. And you can decide to stop it with a coconut hair mask. This is a lesser known hair fact: your hair can drink up water. If you get instant frizz in high humidity, your hair likes more than a tipple. 


Tangles get worse when your hair gets wet. It happens because your hair fibres drink water and swell. Remember how your hair has cuticles? Well they’re now undisciplined and wandering about on their own. Cuticles like these make perfect hitching posts for others to get stuck on. 


As you let this happen your tangles are getting worse.


But not if you use a coconut oil hair mask. Productslike these help seal out excess water, to tame your tangle.


  1. Helps tackle and prevent frizz

Imagine having day 2 hair always. Yes, day 2 hair, the smooth, sleek and frizz-free kind. Shampoo can leave you with a rough and dry day 1 hair nightmare. Why wait a day when instead you can tackle post shampoo and styling frizz with an at home coconut oil hair mask?

frizzy hair

Pssssst… it’s also great for curly hair types in need of extra frizz-easing.


Frizzy, day 1 hair is caused because your hair doesn’t have enough oils to be healthy aka your shampoos washed them down straight down the plug hole. 


Bottom line; A coconut oil hair mask gives back natural oils to help your hair be its best, always. 


  1. Can dramatically reduce hair breakage and thinning aka it makes your hair stronger

Do you struggle to grow your hair? Are you experiencing hair thinning? Conscious of split ends? If your answer’s yes, yes and yes, your hair’s in need of help to be stronger.


Your hair’s breaking because it’s in need of TLC, doing nothing will make it thinner, taking action will help stop it. When your hair is tangled or frizzy, dry or damaged, over styled or heat treated it breaks QUICKLY and easily. Your hair is brittle. It’s like skin that’s dry and using a coconut oil hair mask on-the-regular can dramatically help. It’s one of the only oils able to moisturise hair from the outside and the inside… your hair strength can once again be resilient and healthy.


  1. Your hair will be a dream to style

Bad hair days be gone. Coconut oil hair masks are a fabulous solution for hair that’s a pain to style. Imagine trying to braid hair that keeps tangling, brush hair that’s dry and damaged, ponytail hair that’s frizzy and rough. 


Style your hair after anat home coconut oil hair mask and your experience will be breezy. 


  1. Helps prevent dry flaky dandruff clumps

The burning embarrassment of dandruff flakes does not have to be lifelong. Using a coconut oil hair mask can help the health of your hair and your scalp. The key is making sure to use a hair mask with a high content of fatty acid rich coconut oil. 

 coconut oil

Why? Because coconut oil has antiseptic benefits thanks to an ingredient called Lauric acid. Don’t worry, you don’t have to add it, Lauric acid is a natural part of coconut oil. It’s especially helpful when you have dandruff as dandruff is caused by the malassezia yeast. When your scalp has fewer malassezia yeast, dandruff flakes will disappear. 

  1. Helps fight dry, itchy, irritated scalps

If your scalp feels uncomfortable, itchy or irritated, it’s extremely likely your scalp's dry and damaged. Here’s something you don’t often think about – your scalp has a skin type! 

The only solution to the way your scalps feels now is to help it refind a healthy and happy skin barrier. To do this you’ll need to use treatments with both emollient and occlusive properties aka ingredients which deeply condition while also helping to lock in water. Coconut oil is a wonder oil that can do both, it’s why coconut oil hair masks are very effective at relieving an itchy scalp.

  1. Protects against everyday heat styling

Heat styling is playing havoc with your hair. Almost all heat stylers reach a hot and steamy 200oC. Imagine what that’d do to skin. Heat styling zaps strength, hydration and condition. It’s making your hair look great now, but in time and without treatment you’ll be plagued with permanent bad hair days. 

However, not if have an at home hair mask in your hair rescue arsenal. Hair masks give back to your hair what heat styling zaps. Use regularly to prevent heat damage. 


  1. Helps prevent UVA and UVB caused hair damage

Sunlight prematurely ages skin and hair. Fact. It’s a particular kind of light called UV which is causing your hair the most damage. This light is super-charged and on hitting your hair it offloads too much to handle. Bad news for hair health. 

When your hair experiences sun damage those things called free radicals age and stress your hair health. But luckily, something special called an antioxidant can help wave them goodbye. Coconut oil hair maskslike this one come with added antioxidant protection helping to stop hair stress now.


So now you know how amazing coconut oil hair masks are what do you do now?

You could always try making your own if you can spare all the messing around and hassle.

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