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Hola Coco Microfiber Hair Towel

Wrap it, Don't Snap It!

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Microfiber Blend

Cruelty Free

Healthy Hair Even Comes Down To Which Towel You Use

  • Super absorbent resulting in less drying time
  • Reduced drying time means less heat damage
  • Soft fibres don’t tug and damage strands
  • Gentle microfiber means no tangles and knots
  • Lightweight so doesn't pull hair like standard bath towels
  • Machine washable    

Why Choose Microfiber?

Beat The Frizz

Microfiber hair towels are much gentler on your hair, which allows the cuticles to stay nice and smooth meaning less frizz and fly aways. 

Less Drying Time

Despite their ultra-fine fibers, microfiber towels are much more absorbent than standard bath towels. This means less drying time and less heat damage.

Specially Designed

Our hair towel is specially designed to stay on your head securely, unlike a heavy bath towel that can slip off and pull out hair with it.

Keep Damage To A Minimum

The small soft fibers don't snag or tangle hair strands, resulting in less friction and less breakage.

You’ll be amazed by the results – we guarantee it

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Lauren Ketchley
Perfect addition to my Hola Coco Set 🤍🥥

I have been using Hola Coco for a while now and always tied my hair up and wrapped round a headband after I apply my mask so it kept my hair protected but now I have the new Mircrofiber hair towel i no longer need to do that!

The towel looks gorgeous and is super soft to touch, it covers the whole of my head and feels like it’s giving my head a warm hug (which is great for the winter months!) it is really protective of my hair and my hair feels better since I have included the towel into my routine, it has a cute little clasp at the front so it stays in place and is machine washable.

The towel is a perfect addition to the Hola Coco hair mask and comb! 🤍

Carissa Francisco

The material feels a little cheap for the price

Monica Walton
Brilliant towel

Really pleased with my new hair towel. I’ve never had one before and am absolutely delighted as it really dries my hair and helps keeps the curls in shape.

Laura Chisholm
Amazing product

I’ve had this towel for a few months now and would highly recommend it. It stays so fluffy and soft, even after multiple washes. I feel as though my hair dries so much quicker now I use it. The colour is also great as I dye my hair dark, which has at times shown up on white hair towels I have had previously but doesn’t on this one. Lovely product!

Magic Towel

Just used my new Hola Coco towel! It’s fab, great size, most turban styles aren’t large enough for long hair so the ends always poke out. The material is so soft and cosy which is great for looking after your locks as standard towelling is too rough. The biggest bonus for me is that having curly hair I never leave my hair to completely dry in a towel as it goes frizzy but I chanced it and when I took the towel off after a few hours my hair was near on completely dry and the curls were great. Fab product and so much more than a towel, used it to keep my hair warm when the mask was on and then used it to dry my hair. Win win!!

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