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Hola Coco Coconut Oil Hair Mask

The Hair Mask Driving the World Coco-Nuts!

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Sulphate/Paraben Free

Cruelty Free

A Deeply Nourishing Mix Of Coconut Oil & Shea Butter

  • For that fresh from salon shine in 15-20 minutes
  • Nourishes hair from root to tip
  • Treats split ends and fixes the frizz
  • Adds shine, repairs and restores damaged hair
  • More for your money with our 500ml tub

The Hola Coco Story

We know how it feels to struggle with dry and damaged hair that just won’t heal.

I had been taking Roaccutane, a strong medication for acne that left my hair in terrible condition and me utterly depressed.

I tried everything to fix it and eventually resorted to making her own concoction at home using coconut oil and other cupboard ingredients.

We then found a manufacturer to make our nourishing Coconut Oil Hair Mask and that is where Hola Coco began.

It's taken a while but with the help of Hola Coco products and an amazing hairdresser, my hair is finally healthy and happy again!

Our formula suits all hair types, cures all your hair issues, and it lasts twice as long as its competitors.

There's nothing to stop you from experiencing the magic yourself

Since I started this company with my partner four years ago we've helped thousands of women worldwide improve the condition of their hair and regain their confidence.

There's nothing that makes us happier than all the fabulous reviews and comments we get from women that use our products on a regular basis.

Our hair mask really is a game changer in your haircare routine! Get yours today and feel the difference yourself, we promise you won't regret it. We're so sure that we offer a 30 day money back guarantee on every Hola Coco purchase!

Five Steps to Beautiful Hair


Wash and shampoo hair.


Apply Hola Coco from roots to tips, focusing on dry ends.


Comb through with Hola Coco Bamboo Wide Tooth Comb.


Leave in for approximately 15-20 minutes.


Rinse well, then style as usual.


Hola Coco is the all-in-one hair hero built on two essential ingredients:

You don’t have to worry about harsh sulphates, phthalates or parabens. It’s vegan and cruelty free!

Imagine getting the hair of your dreams with just one use of our magic mask. A mask that lasts 100% longer than the average leading brand.

1. Coconut Oil

The fatty acids soften your hair, and trap the moisture inside. The best way to apply it is to rub a small amount between your hands then apply it to your hair from roots to ends.

2. Shea Butter

High concentration of vitamins and fatty acids — combined with its easy-to-spread consistency — make it a great product for smoothing, soothing, and conditioning your hair.

How it Works:
The Hola Coco Magic

There’s nothing complicated about the Hola Coco Hair Mask.

Our goal is to help as many women as possible get perfect hair with hair healing ingredients. Plus, the 500ml tub lasts twice as long as most hair masks – a little bit goes a long way!

The Hola Coco mask responds to the problems that hair faces every day. Most people don’t realise how much the sun, washing our hair, and even styling it can dry out each strand!

  • Restores damaged hair
  • Improves shine
  • Replenishes moisture
  • Treats split ends
  • Eliminates frizzy strands
  • Improves texture

Pretty impressive, right?

But that's not all...

The Hola Coco Hair Mask includes a healthy dose of shea butter - perfect for boosting coconut oil’s hair smoothing properties. Shea butter soaks into the hair and creates a smooth barrier, sealing in moisture and protecting your hair. With just one treatment you can instantly begin repairing any damage done to dry, frizzy, or dyed hair.

Our unique combination hydrates every strand down to the last follicle. That means less frizz, more shine, and better hair growth. The science speaks for itself, but we think the real proof of our sensational hair care comes from our happy customers.

The Scientific Part

Coconut oil is a naturally nourishing masterpiece that softens, soothes, and salvages your hair.

The pure coconut oil we use in our Hola Coco Hair Mask is scientifically proven to improve the moisture content of your hair, improving its appearance and condition. The natural protective properties of this oil blocks ultraviolet rays from the sun. That means your hair takes less damage.

You’ll be amazed by the results – we guarantee it

Customer Reviews

Based on 260 reviews
Kiran Lally
Absolutely amazing mask !

I have spent so much on hair care products in the past few years . Wish I had come across this before . It just makes my hair so soft and manageable . I simply wash my hair , apply the mask , put a shower cap on and go around doing my jobs around the house for an hour or so then rinse it off . My hair honestly feels so much softer . Thank you Hola coco !

Lesley White
Brilliant hair mask

Wow the best hair mask out there.

karen Grant
Love it

Really love this I have thick coarse hair my hair gets more days free of washing I thought it might make it lanky but no will be getting more ..xx

Just one word ‘AMAZING’!

I I have thick/coarse and very dry damaged hair and have gone through many hair masks from the most expensive ones to the drugstore cheapest ones and seriously none was as good as the hola coco one! Even the coco & eve was not as effective as this, you get loads of product and it literally lasts you forever and I have long hair saying this ! It makes hair extremely shiny and soft that you didn’t expect! Not trying to exaggerate but this is like a magic for the hair, it’s expensive but worth every penny! Just wish the scent was stronger and lingered after washing, I would 100% recommend this and wish they came out with body care and a shampoo and conditioner as well 😍🥥🤍

Maisie Bird
I couldn't be without it!

It was my hairdresser that first pointed me in the direction of this product, sat there in the salon chair moaning about my frizz. I ordered 2 tubs onlind before I'd even left the salon😁 so excited when they arrived I used it straight away! It's amazing, honestly my go to, I use it as part of my daily styling routine and sometimes it's the only product I use! Once weekly I use it as a mask and my hair loves it😍 I also mix a few scoops with water in a spray bottle as a little pick me up. Whenever someone comments on my curls I always point them in the direction of Hola Coco, couldn't recommend it enough!!!!

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