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Clarifying 101


On our journey to healthy hair, there’s so many factors to remember. But there’s one step that lots of people miss - clarifying your hair!

Hair products, our scalp and even environmental factors mean that we all get build up on our hair shaft and if left this can weigh our hair down in the long run, cause dandruff and even cause damage.

Oils, butters and many other ingredients can build up on hair over time and can make it seem greasier and more limp than normal. Clarifying once every few weeks (or more if necessary) will give your hair a deep clean and reset it to its natural state. It also helps your hair products penetrate your strands better too.

There are a few ways in which you can do this:

1) Use a clarifying shampoo

This isn’t suitable for every day use for most people, especially people with naturally dry hair. Clarifying shampoos can be quite strong and drying so make sure you’re using a good conditioner/hair mask after shampooing. People with naturally greasy hair will possibly benefit from a clarifying shampoo more often. Once every three to four weeks is a good starting point until you work out what your hair needs.

2) Apple cider vinegar wash

Diluted apple cider vinegar is a mild clarifier for your hair and scalp and is great for people with naturally curly or wavy hair. Just follow the simple steps below once every two to three weeks.
a) Mix one part apple cider vinegar with five parts water.
b) After shampooing, pour the mixture over your hair evenly, working into your scalp.
c) Let it sit for a couple of minutes then rinse out well with warm water.
d) Apply conditioner as normal.
3) Baking soda

The final secret to a deep clean is an ingredient likely sitting in your kitchen cupboards: baking soda. It acts as a natural clarifying agent cleaning strands by gently removing buildup and giving the overall head a detox. Some hairdressers discourage their clients from using this technique as it can affect dyed hair colour. So it is an option for people who don’t dye their hair and keep their natural colour.

Whichever of the three above options you choose, once clarified, your hair should feel clean and refreshed with more volume! If clarifying your hair dries it out, it suggests that your hair does not need clarifying as often as people with fine/ naturally greasy hair types. Top top: clarify your locks and then use the Hola Coco Coconut Oil Hair Mask and say hello to soft, clean, beautiful tresses!