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Hair Care | How To Minimise Hair Damage

Three Simple Steps to Healthier, Happier Hair
Damaged hair is every girl's nightmare! We all want that long, thick, shiny hair that celebrities parade down the red carpet. Unfortunately, some are ‘born with it’ and the rest probably have an on call hair stylist that uses the most expensive products in the entire world.

For us normal people, maintaining healthy hair can prove a little difficult. Bleaching, dyeing, hair drying, straightening, curling; they all cause damage whether you realise it or not. 

There are a few small things you can do that don't cost the earth, but really will help you achieve those healthy locks you deserve.



The number one enemy of thick, healthy hair is bleach. If you can avoid dyeing your hair at all, just don't do it. However, I'm fully aware that we don't always like or suit our natural colour, I myself have had highlights since I was 15.

If you do choose to put your hair under the added strain, make sure you go to a hairdresser that you trust.

Do your research. If possible go to someone whose work you’ve seen first hand. Your hairdresser should care about the condition of your hair, and if asked to dye it peroxide blonde with 100% bleach should refuse.

Use someone reputable who wants to see your hair in the best condition possible, not someone who will take your money and leave you with hair you despise. 

Regular Trims

Most girls won't want to hear this, but another amazing technique to rejuvenate damaged hair is getting regular hair cuts.

I know, we all want long mermaid hair. Yet let me ask you this: would you rather have shorter hair that looks blunt and healthy, or long hair with the bottom three inches looking dry, damaged and unloved? I know my answer.

It is said that we should get the ends of our hair trimmed approximately every six weeks. That will remove hair that has died and leave you with a thicker more luscious look.

Finally, another fantastic way in which to improve the condition of your hair is to use regular hair masks.

Personally, I use my Hola Coco Deep Recovery Hair Mask three times a week. Every time I am due to wash my hair the next morning, I smother my hair with this miracle balm and sleep with it on. It sounds messy but it actually isn’t. The mask dries into the hair within an hour or so, and just to be sure I use a turbie towel to avoid any transferring onto my sheets. After washing the product off, I then style it as usual. I am still amazed every time my hair is revealed.

The power of Coconut Oil and other naturally derived ingredients work wonders on hair damage. No more split ends, no more frizz, no more dry tips. Just shiny, healthy, manageable hair that I’ve always dreamed of.

Hair damage is pretty much unavoidable in this day and age, but by following these three simple steps you can keep it to a minimum; and if you’re lucky you might even be able to reverse some haircare mistakes you made in the past.
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