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The Basics | Coconut Oil for Hair

When Coconut Oil first embraced the shelves of my local health food store I wasn't even sure what it was. Do you eat it? Cook with it? Use it as a moisturiser? Bathe in it? Well, the answer is yes to all of them. It truly is a multifunctional product that works miracles. However, I never had a clue about its most important function of all. Its ability to transform lifeless locks. 

Looking after your hair is paramount, especially for a girl in this day and age. Yes, it will always grow back. However, the amount of time it would take to regrow a full head of hair to replace damage doesn't bare thinking about.

We have all made the two biggest haircare mistakes in our teens: over dyeing and over straightening. Both of which has left us longing for the days when our hair was untouched, its condition not yet compromised. Your days of longing are officially over.

Natural hair care products, such as Coconut Oil, aren't laden with dangerous chemicals that are found in many shampoos, conditioners and styling agents. Rich in antioxidants and healthy fats it drastically improves the appearance of dry and brittle hair; in addition to rejuvenating scalp health, supporting hair growth, all while adding volume and shine.

We have no doubt our Coconut Oil Hair Mask will give you the hair you desire, so stop wondering and feel the difference for yourself.