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Nine Hacks | The Benefits of Coconut Oil

As a beauty company, we are just crazy about Coconut Oil. It has grown massively in popularity over the past couple of years, but it’s definitely not limited to its use as a hair remedy. Here are just a few of the benefits of coconut oil. Coconut Oil is rich in nutrients and fats that can benefit our health in so many ways:

Oil pulling. You may have heard of it if you keep up to date with the newest beauty trends. Oil pulling is an incredible method of oral detoxification. It’s a dental technique that involves swilling a tablespoon of Coconut Oil in your mouth for approximately 20 minutes. This procedure draws out toxins and bacteria from the body, primarily to improve oral health but also contributes to improved health in general. Market leading brands in this field charge over the odds for oil pulling sachets, when in fact all they are selling you is a small amount of Coconut Oil. Not only does it make teeth appear whiter with less plaque buildup, but it also makes the mouth feel fresher. Some studies have even claimed that it can improve blemish prone skin. With all those benefits, why on earth wouldn't you set 20 minutes aside a couple of days a week to give it a go yourself!

Makeup remover. Yes, believe it or not Coconut Oil is a fantastic makeshift makeup remover. Its lubricating properties mean that it can be applied to your face while makeup is still on, and then wiped off with a wet flannel. It can even remove stubborn eye makeup! All the while leaving skin feeling silky smooth and rehydrated. Say goodbye to makeup wipes from now on.

Cooking oil. Coconut Oil is extremely high in saturated fat, so in the past was avoided due to the ‘all fat is bad fat’ epidemic. Nowadays, we seem to be more educated about the different types of fat and we have learnt that trans fats need to be avoided; saturated fats do not. Coconut Oil was recently named the worlds healthiest oil with its miraculous healing properties. One of the most prominent being its ability to lower cholesterol levels in the body. So in short, whatever you’re cooking whether it's meat, veg or even chips, choose Coconut Oil and ditch the conventional methods.

Repairs dry cracked heels. As we age, so do our feet. Skin that was once smooth and easy to maintain become thick, dry and sometimes even chapped. It is unavoidable in many cases, however that doesn't mean we can’t try and keep it under control. It is vital that we implement a skincare regime into our day to day lives, and that isn't restricted to our face; give your feet the TLC they need. The best time to apply Coconut Oil to feet is just before bed, that way it has all night to soak in and wont be rubbed off when you put your shoes on. Be generous with how much you apply, and put some night socks on so there's no chance of it being transferred onto your sheets. After just a couple of weeks of this night time ritual, you are guaranteed to notice a difference.

Coconut Oil coffee. Another easy way to get Coconut Oil into your system is by drinking it. At room temperature Coconut Oil is solid, but once it reaches the 24 degCoconut Oil Coffeerees C mark it begins to melt. Adding a heaped tea spoon of solid Coconut Oil to freshly brewed coffee will give your morning a whole new dimension. Not only does it melt and taste awesome, but it is claimed to increase your energy levels, speed up your metabolism and even boost your immune system. It’s the only natural pre-work booster you need to prepare yourself for the day ahead.

Anti ageing moisturiser. Coconut Oil can be used as a topical facial cream, applying it at night before bed is ideal. The real beauty is the fact that it contains no additives or preservatives unlike most cosmetic face creams you see advertised on TV. Wrinkles begin to appear as we get older, because collagen levels in the body begin to deplete from the age of 25 onwards. Collagen relates to our skins elasticity, and as our collagen levels diminish wrinkles begin to appear. Coconut Oil promotes the production and replacement of collagen within the body. In addition, Coconut Oil contains vitamin E which has been proven to keep skin healthy and have anti ageing properties.

Treats sun burn. It’s time to throw away shop bought after suns and go au natural! After a full day baking at the beach, Coconut Oil can relieve painful sun burn and all the nasty side effects that come with it including: blistering, peeling and cracking. The perfect post-sun repairing duo is to apply a generous amount of Coconut Oil after another soothing gel such as aloe vera which has natural antiseptic and healing properties. Coconut Oil has an SPF of 4-5 which means it can even be applied as a sunscreen. That is obviously dependent on the temperature and for how long you will be sitting out in the sun. I would recommend using something a little stronger if you intend to be exposed to direct sunlight all day, however Coconut Oil is a fabulous alternative to suncream if you fancy sitting out in the garden for half an hour or so.

Fights fungal infections. Fungal or yeast infections are something we all want to avoid. Yet they are easy to contract and even more easily spread. Athletes foot for example is a fungal infection that thrives in warm or humid environments, such as when exercising when feet begin to sweat. Coconut Oil has several properties that make it an effective treatment for yeast or fungal infections. Amongst the most potent natural yeast-fighting substances are Lauric acid and Caprylic acid, both derived from Coconut Oil. All medium chain fatty acids found in Coconut Oil kill yeast, viruses and bacteria.

Burns fat. Last but not least, Coconut Oil to aid with weight loss. As if this miracle oil doesn't do enough already, sCoconut Oil Burning Fattudies have actually shown that it helps burn fat; especially stubborn stomach fat in the abdominal area. First of all, it can reduce your appetite which in itself causes you to eat less without trying. Secondly, its combination of fatty acids has powerful effects on your metabolism. With so many benefits that contribute to the shrinking of your waistline, it is suggested that we try and consume around 3 and a half teaspoons a day. Basically, whenever you see an opportunity to incorporate it into your diet, do it! Cook with it, blend it into your smoothies, stir it into your coffee and add it to your yoghurt.

Voila! The numerous benefits of Coconut Oil. Believe it or not, I’ve only chosen to write about my personal favourites. The full list of benefits goes on and on, it really is a life changing product cosmetically and in terms of healthfulness. So, what are you waiting for?